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At Extension Studio, we take your privacy very seriously. To ensure complete compliance to our privacy policy, we only collect information about you when we receive your order. We use this information to process your order(s) better and make your purchase quicker and more advanced.  

Here are the frequently asked questions that constitute information about our privacy policy. You can refer to it from time to time to get updates on how we process your data within our applications.

What type of information do we gather and what do we do with it?

To process your order, we follow the procedure that is pretty much the status quo for all e-commerce shopping platforms. We collect your details like your name, email-id, phone number, shipping address, and payment information. These details are then used to fulfill your order and send you updates and offers on your purchase.

These basic details also help us get you entry into various contests and promotional schemes on our platform. The winners are notified via text messages or email alerts.  

We also process your information to provide you with regular updates about our product, offerings, services, and more. These notifications are sent via email accompanied by the company newsletter that highlights new launches and milestones. You can choose to unsubscribe to  our mailing list any time.

We also gather system information like IP addresses to govern the website and shopping cart functionalities. We may use IP addresses to address server issues along with web diagnostics.  

How does Extension Studio protect the collected data?

We have rigorous data protection systems and policies in place. So you can rest assured that your data is fully secure. Whatever data you provide us while placing your order is stored on a fully reliable secure sockets layer (or SSL) server. So when you input any information on our website, it is stored in the server after complete encryption so that no third party can tamper or access it.

Additionally, our privacy protection policy has the following highlights:

→ Your data is completely secure and will never be shared with any third party.

→ We have a strict policy on not selling, distributing, or publishing any of your data or information about any webpage you visit on our website.

→ We do not use your contact information unless permitted by you. You are also allowed to change your billing or payment information and other general details as you deem fit.  

→ We may use the information that you provide during registration or purchase to send you personalized marketing communication. This communication will include promotional offers and new services of the website aligned with your personal choice of products. This is of course done based on your permissions and subscription authorizations.  

→ Our super secure server ensures that the stored data is safe against malware, virus, or phishing attacks.

→ Your data is secure and never be sold or published to any  entity outside the scope of this policy

→ We issue regular updates regarding changes in the privacy policy on this web page itself. So feel free to check it out to stay aligned with any policy change and customize your preferences and permissions.   

Will Extension Studio share its customer information with third parties?

This privacy policy strictly prohibits Extension Studio from selling or sharing your personal and contact details to outside parties. However, the exemption is when such sharing is reasonably under the ambit of law compliance OR the enforcement of user agreement terms and conditions OR the protection of rights and safety of Extension Studio and its users.


Extension Studio reserves the right to alter this privacy policy any time, but will notify any change on this webpage itself. If you are using the website, you are automatically submitting your consent to the terms and agreement of any version of the privacy policy. You can keep checking this page to know everything about how Extension Studio collects, processes, and shares data as per the privacy policy.

Concluding remarks

Extension Studio safeguards your privacy with utmost care. The information that we collect helps us gain a better understanding of your purchase behavior and enables us to enhance your shopping experience accordingly. Your personal and contact information is never sold or traded with others. Keep updated with our privacy policy page to know more about how we process your data to give you a seamless shopping experience. For more information, you can get in touch with us on our contact page.

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