ExtensionStudio - About Us

Get ExtensionStudio onboard and take full advantage of our competitive web service packages that include:

We are empowered by a team of highly-skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of search engine optimization, digital marketing tools, website development, website designing, graphics designing, and OpenCart extensions to name a few.

We employ innovative tools and techniques to drive customer engagement and satisfaction along with web performance and eCommerce growth factors. We ensure that the client gets the highest level of quality and maximum return on investment (ROI) at highly competitive rates. Every project we undertake goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure maximum compliance and delivery.   

Extension Studio is a full-service web and e-commerce solution provider that is disrupting the industry with hi-tech customized web solutions. Launched in 2014 to assist the industry with leading technology solutions that help advance large and small businesses in their niche, we have emerged as one of the most sought-after OpenCart extension providers in the region.

→  Highly professional web application development services that put you in-charge of your online business  

→ OpenCart extensions that serve every component of your business, ensuring proper customer satisfaction and retention

→ Quick and timely resolution of emerging industrial issues and customized support for all your needs

→ A team of dedicated engineers, designers, and marketers that are always at the ready to help you gain a competitive advantage in a world full of cut-throat contests of grabbing more eyeballs. We make your project worth the investment and provide full support for everything you wish to accomplish with your business.   

→ Top-level graphic designing, web development, web designing, and digital marketing services that help you establish and expand your footprint in the eCommerce industry  

→ Targeted and timely measure of performance to help you strategize in the right direction and gain more traction for your company

→ Our customers, no matter how big or small, always trust us to deliver the most valuable solutions that are easy to operate and manage with little to no coding knowledge

→ We have a dedicated team of IT experts to help you with any glitch or bug that you encounter in any of your projects. Trust us to go to the next level to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and supported

→ Every project we undertake is an epitome of quality and mobile-ready frameworks that guarantee seamless performance and flexibility

→ We are backed by some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, so rest assured that you will get the most amazing services that will make your business flourish.

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