Cash On Delivery Fee - ( COD FEE)

  • Cash On Delivery Fee - ( COD FEE)

COD fee let you see the fee for COD payments. So you can set delivery strategies where you need it based on geo zone and order total range.

The extension will work with all type of one-page (quick) checkouts. COD (FEE) will visible in all order emails and order status to admin and customers.

For example:
Order total between 0 to 100 levy 5% fee
Order total between 101 to 200 levy 8% fee
Order total between 101 to 500 levy 10% fee
Order total Minimum 501 and maximum no limit levy 15% fee


  • Add new cash on delivery with fee feature to the payment and with minimum or maximum order totals range
  • Set Geo-zone for Cash On Delivery with Fee + COD (FEE)
  • Set Order Status On Which COD (FEE) will appears
  • Set Different COD Fee with order total Range (Minimum, Maximum)
  • Can disable extension easily by disable status only
  • Option To Auto Approve Product Question & Answer From admin
  • Easy to use extension admin interface
  • Quick Installation
  • No Core File Modification

Take a look it in action!

Let's see how the module works and looks in a live store

Store Demo Admin Demo

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